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Why I very first went to therapy as well as What’s occurred considering that Podcast 109

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Today I’m speaking to a relatively new runner about her very first marathon – which she explains as ‘magical’. That’s wild to me since I would most likely explain my very first as ‘painful’ or ‘traumatizing’…! She’s sharing exactly how running assisted her mental health and wellness – particularly during a rough time her very first year of teaching. as well as I’m sharing my thoughts on therapy too.

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I’m Monica – I started RunEatRepeat.com to share my very first full marathon training as well as diet plan journal. The site grew an incredible complying with as well as now it’s this podcast too! say thanks to you for listening! You can get show notes, training plans, recipes as well as a lot more on RunEatRepeat.com or @RunEatRepeat on instagram.

Warm Up: My therapy Journey… 

First… we talk about mental health and wellness during the interview as well as I want to remind ya that nothing on Run eat Repeat or this podcast is indicated to serve as medical advice. Please see a physician if you’re sick, not sure about something going on with your body or feel an injury coming on. as well as please see a therapist or counselor if you are having a hard time with anything that might be assisted by a expert or outside resource.

May is mental health and wellness understanding Month as well as I want to share my experience with therapy. 

I very first went to therapy in college.

No one told me I must go.

I didn’t believe I was battling a severe mental illness…but I understood that exactly how I felt as well as what I was believing was unhealthy. I was stuck. I felt truly poor about myself as well as it was taking over my life. I didn’t want to go to celebrations or specific places, I avoided social circumstances as well as any type of celebration or dinner or plans that included food.

My partner as well as I got in a few fights since he wished to go out or to a celebration as well as I was

I realized it was affecting all my relationships. So… I believed I must speak to somebody about it.

Luckily, I was still on my mom’s health and wellness insurance coverage as well as was able to look up a therapist that took our insurance coverage as well as just had to do the co-pay.

It assisted a lot. however it isn’t a magic pill that solves all your problems.

You have to do the work.

You don’t modification or repair things – particularly truly difficult things by just telling somebody about it when a week. You have to show up for yourself daily as well as work exactly how you think, exactly how you react, your triggers, your routines as well as more. as well as often you requirement medication – which is likewise not a magic pill however can assist a lot.

I’ve been going to therapy a lot of weeks for the last 2 years. I don’t believe I’m that ‘messed up’ so part of me believes I don’t should have to go…and by that I indicate I feel like somebody who’s been going to therapy for 2 years needs to have experienced a lot more trauma than I have…?

But the truth is that my experiences, emotions, connections as well as needs add up as well as it’s difficult for me to step forward, be kind to myself as well as grow healthy relationships. as well as that’s type of the most crucial thing right? Or at least it is for me… to be able to have good, delighted connections with the people I love. I’m not speaking about charming connections however all relationships.

So – I’m sharing all of this to state – there’s nothing wrong with me. however I want to be better. I want to be a much better person, be a much better example, have much better connections as well as assist other people be much better too.

If you have everything figured out as well as you’re delighted – good. Give det videre! If not, I believe therapy is an incredible method to check out things that may be tugging at you.

Running friend of the Day  – new Podcast Series

A while back I put out a phone call for runners as well as coaches who wished to be on the podcast as well as got fantastic response! We’re starting out that series today…

Today our running friend is Kaleena Soughter from Turnersville, new Jersey.

Let’s begin by speaking about your running journey…

KS: I started running to lose weight like everybody else… getting married… instructor very first year as well as truly difficult job.

She started to recognize that running to make her feel much better not just physicallY Dog psykologisk også …

Kaleena løb Philly Marathon sidste år såvel som deler træningen såvel som race -dagserfaring …

RER: Præcis hvordan gik dit allerførste maraton?

KS: Det var magisk. (<- Boom!) Det var som om jeg var på en løberhøj hele tiden. RER: Så begyndte vi at tale om at køre såvel som mental sundhed ... Ks synker jeg ned i sandet, eller står jeg op? Kører favoritter spørgsmål: Hvad er din foretrukne raceafstand såvel som hvorfor? Fuld maraton! Hvad er dit foretrukne løb? Denne chokerede mig ... Har du et løbende mantra eller nøjagtigt, hvordan inspirerer du dig selv, når du ikke føler det? Hvad har du lyttet til for nylig? Ja - jeg kiggede op i den nye Jonas Bros -musik såvel som den! Hvad er din successkød? (Hvad spiser du efter et løb?) Pizza med pommes frites ?? vent, hvad? (vi diskuterer) Tak Kaleena! Du kan overholde hende på Instagram @kaleenaamarie såvel som jeg vil sætte et link til det i shownotater! Nu er det tid til priserne: 1. placering - upraktiske jokere. 2 .. Kristin for at tilslutte snacks. 3 .. Costco -kalender! Tak fordi du lyttede! Tilmeld dig venligst showet såvel som Rate såvel som evaluering - det hjælper virkelig nye lyttere med at opdage showet. Jeg sætter pris på det. Tag @runeatrepeat på Instagram samt lad mig forstå, hvad du laver, mens du lytter! Send mig projektmappen 16SAVE Deling er omsorgsfuld! 16 Pin Del Tweet Del Post Del

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