Flow Fitness Sports And Fitness Zerona Review, results and thoughts

Zerona Review, results and thoughts

A while back I mentioned that I was doing Zerona aka “Laser Lipo”. I did 12 sessions and wanted to share my results and thoughts on the whole process. I know this whole topic gets people riled up because some think of it in the same camp as plastic surgery – but it is NOT. Zerona is not plastic surgery, but to me more in line with a body wrap procedure. If this topic bugs you please just pass on this blog post.

Zerona – What is it?

Zerona is sometimes called laser lipo (probably for sales purposes). The super nutshell version is – it’s a laser that goes through your skin and is directed at your fat cells so they leak out fat and it is flushed out of your body.
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This is the Zerona machine. It has 4 arms that direct red lasers onto your trouble areas. This is best for the belly and sometimes the thighs or other areas with a high concentration of fat.

Why did I get Zerona

It’s something I had thought about doing in the past and when I saw the killer deal on Groupon I jumped at the chance.

Some thoughts that went into getting Zerona:

– I run 40 miles a week and still have a lot of fat on my thighs and booty. I’m down with big butts, but the thigh stuff bugged me. I do the best I can to eat well and exercise but it’s just how I am shaped.

Yes, self acceptance is really important for long term happiness and I am generally self accepting especially considering I come from a childhood where no one looked like me (in color or size).

I have a fondness for my ‘chubby lil baby legs’ (as I may have referred to them) but I RUN A TON. and I eat just like my pals with hot bodies – I felt like I should look more like them given my efforts.

– I had realistic expectations. I didn’t expect (or want) Zerona to change my curvy shape, but just take an inch or two off my thighs so I can squeeze jeans on with a little more ease.

– I live in Orange county so this is totally normal. no one in my ‘real’ life was shocked or weirded out by me doing this. It was really no big deal to anyone I told.

– The price was good and there are no known side effects right now. So, the worst that could have happened was I lose my money and get no results.

– The blog. I realized I would have to share this with my readers and my only real fear on that was people not understanding I am (fairly) well adjusted and just want a little tiny slim down on my thighs.

– I did my part by exercising and eating right. but I still have a trouble spot that won’t go away – that’s okay. But, if I could fix it with this low-risk procedure why not give it a whirl?

The Zerona Procedure

Actually getting Zerona was very relaxing and nice! The one downside is it takes a lot of time. You have to go in for about 45 minutes every other day for about two weeks.

The relaxing part is you just lay there in a dimly lit room (the place I went to had a heated bed) for 20 minutes on your front and 20 minutes on your back. I fell asleep on my back most sessions and I am usually NOT a nap person so it was really nice.

You are also supposed to drink a lot of water to help your body flush out the toxins. I already do that so it was easy. and you’re supposed to avoid caffeine. I didn’t do that.

Zerona results

I did lose just under 2 inches from my thighs. That’s great! but I also saw that it seemed to make my cellulite more pronounced. That is NOT great. I have a pal who works at a doctor’s office that offers Zerona and she confirmed that sometimes that happens. Boo.

Truthfully, you can NOT see the results because it’s just an inch or two in a small area. I don’t suddenly have skinny legs. I didn’t go down a size.  I think I feel it a little bit in my clothes, but it’s not even super obvious to me.

Samlet set:

I’m happy with the inch results, but not so much with the cellulite issue. really no amount of running would have brought my thighs down a size and this was a good option for me. Also, I’m delighted I did it just because it was so relaxing and honestly I think that was good for me. I tend to snack when I’m tired so that cat nap I think helped curb snacking. <- That was an unexpected perk. Because it is expensive and the results aren’t super fantastic I would suggest others first try and lose the fat naturally via exercise and diet (as I did). Then, if you have fat that just likes to hang out in one area of your body you can get a consultation. I have heard that it doesn’t do terrific on areas with a lot of muscle so if you have a layer of muscle there it might be hard for the machine to zap the fat. Be sure you go to a doc that will be honest and give you realistic expectations. Note: I am a grown ass (wo)man who decided on her own free will to give this a shot. I run and eat egg whites and don’t kEEP -is i mit hus. Men Gud gav mig noget skrammel i bagagerummet, og jeg ville holde det i bagagerummet og ikke lade den sprede kærligheden rundt. Jeg værdsætter, at du ikke bedømmer mine beslutninger. Når det er sagt, hvis du har lyst til at være uenig om hele denne ting - jeg er åben for dine tanker. Jeg vil bare ikke blive kaldt C-ordet. Tak. Spørgsmål: Er du en lurperson? Er du en Groupon -person? Jeg er besat af grupper og ønsker at blive en weekend lurperson. Send mig projektmappen Gemme Deling er omsorgsfuld! Del Tweet Pin Del Post Del

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